Jamiluddin Aali
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His Life and Achievements

His Career

  • 1947: Assistant in Government of Pakistan
  • 1951: Passed Central Superior Service
  • 1951-1959: Income Tax Officer, GOP
  • 1959-1963: Officer on Special Duty (President's Secretariat- Public)
  • 1964: Registrar- Designate at the Copyright Department Ministry of Education
  • 1964-1966: Secretary National Press Trust
  • 1966: Resigned from Government Service
  • 1967: VP/Income Tax Advisor National Bank of Pakistan
  • 1988: Retired as SEVP/Member Executive Board (NBP) and Advisor Corporate Planning, Pakistan Banking Council
  • 1997: Elected to the Senate as an Independent Candidate from Sindh Province on a general seat.
  • 1998: Elected as Chairman of Senate's Standing Committee for Educational, Scientific and Technological Research.
  • 2002 to date: Appointed by President of Pakistan (who is also Chancellor of Federal Urdu University) as the Deputy Chair for the University's Senate.

Organized, Supervised and Published

  • English-Urdu Dictionary of Dr. Abdul Haq (3 editions) since 1968 (first in 1939)
  • Urdu-English Dictionary (3 editions) since 1968
  • Four bibliographies of Urdu Books since 1964
  • Urdu idiom for the Banking Sector - 1995 - a continued work
  • More than 260 other publications including inter-lingual translations, specialized idioms and research in Classics and old manuscripts.
  • Quarterly URDU (devoted to works of research)
  • Also supervised 40 publications of Pakistan Writers Guild in various Pakistani languages including a glossary of Urdu Bengali Common Words in two volumes and Guild’s Urdu monthly “Hum Qalam” from 1960 to 1970.

Non Career Activities

  • Elected Assistant Secretary for PECHS (Pakistan Employees Cooperative Housing Society) in 1948
  • Founder Secretary of Income Tax Officers Association (1952)
  • Elected Member of Governing Body of PECHS (1955 & 1958)
  • Founder Secretary of FIVE National Prizes for Literature (1960-1970)

International Recognition

  • Member of Pakistan Delegation (as a writer) to:
    - Iraq (1960)
    - Soviet Union (1960, 1968, 1975)
    - People’s Republic of China ( 1966, 1967, 1983)
    - Yugoslavia (1977)
  • Several seminars and mushairas the world over, including in UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, UK, Norway, Saudi Arabia, India, France, Burma, Hong Kong, USA (for Harvard International Summer School Seminar in 1962), Canada and Oman.