Jamiluddin Aali
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His Writings


  • "Ghazlen, Dohay, Geet" (Lyrics) 5 editions 1957, 1962, 1983, 1987, 1995
  • "La Hasil" (Lyrics) 4 editions 1974,1976,1982,1984 and fifth under publication
  • "Jeevay Jeevay Pakistan" (National songs) 4 editions 1974, 1976, 1988, 1999
  • "Insaan" (The Human Being) a long poem-drama of about 10,000 verses. (partly published in various magazines)
  • "Aye Meray Dasht-e-Sukhan"
  • Aali's Dohay


  • "Dunya Meray Agay" (The World Infront of Me) A travelogue of Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Lebanon, Russia, France and UK.
  • "Tamasha Meray Agay" (The Show in front of Me) A travelogue of W.Germany, Italy, Holland, Switzerland, and partly USA.
  • "Sada Kar Chalay" (We Did Raise Our Voice) A collection of selected columns form the 'Jang' newspaper
  • "Wafa Kar Chalay" (We Did Live By Our Commitment) A collection of selected columns form the 'Jang' newspaper
  • "Dua Kar Chalay" (We Did Pray) A collection of selected columns form the 'Jang' newspaper
  • "Harf-e-Channd" (A few words) A collection of 145 forewords on rare manuscripts and research publications of Urdu Advancement Society (Anjuman Taraqqi-e-Urdu, Pakistan)
  • "Buss Ikk Gosha-e-Bisaat" Articles 2003
  • "Naiee Kiran" Booklet 1959
  • "Dictionary of Modern Economic Terms" English - Urdu
  • "Banking Idioms" Co-translator for Urdu Translation 1991, 1994

Under Print

  • Travelogue of Iceland
    (partly published in magazines)
  • "China as I saw her"
    A travelogue of three tours of China
  • "Wafa Kar Chalay"
    (We did live by our commitment) A Second Volume collection of selected columns
  • "Nazish-e-Pashemani" (last volume upto 2005)

Translations and Adaptations

  • "Approach to Asian Drama" (by Nobel Laureate Prof. Gunnar Myrdal) 1976
  • "Women of Shanghai" (stage play of Swedish Author Tore Zetter Holm) 1973
  • "Human Development in South Asia" 1997 by Dr. H. Mahboob-ul-Haq A UNDP sponsored study by South Asian H.D Culture, Islamabad
  • Selected Modern Economic Terms, 1999